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Nancy Younghans


Nancy: So we’re in Verona, which I didn’t know anything about except it had a big, one of the major walls left that surrounded the city, you know that protected them. So we sort of wandered a little bit through town and here’s this little street or walkway and we walk and happen to look into a courtyard and there’s a statue in there. Well, it’s the statue of Juliette. Romeo and Juliette were from there, and they’re real people. I mean I thought it was just story. So it’s this bronze statue and they said that it gives the guys good luck if they rub her breast and all the guys would go up and rub it. She had one shiny breast, the rest was you know how brass deteriorates and gets green and stuff. Not this one breast! It was so funny. We just happened to walk onto it, we never would have even known it was there. That was neat.


Nancy: And then one time when she (Linda) was about two, we were in the camper and Jim and I both smoked. She wanted a cigarette, and of course we kept saying no. Finally we thought, ok, you know parents have to learn, too. We said ok, so we gave her one. Lit it, gave it to her. Thinking she’d take a puff or two and quit. No, no! She smoked the whole cigarette! She didn’t get sick or anything!

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