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Eevon Northcutt

My Name

Eevon: My uncle named me. He named me from, because he lived with some people in France when he was in the war and he asked mama if he could name me. She said, if she had a little girl could he name her and mama said “I reckon you can.” So I was a little girl, so he named me Eevon. That’s the reason it’s spelled like it is.

Mother and Daddy

Eevon: I’ve got a lot of special memories of my mother and my daddy, too. Well, mother was a good cook. She always stayed in the kitchen and done all the cooking. Christmas time she’d make about seven different kind of cakes. From one end of the table, covered them up with a fertilize sack. We was poor back then and she had a lot of fertilize sacks. She’d wash them til they’d be just snow white. She made me a dress out of them snow, them fertilize, one time. Trimmed it in yellow. It was the prettiest dress in Lutts, Tennessee. And daddy. He was, I don’t know, he just done everything. He was a peddler for one thing he done. He went out in the country and bought ham and took them to Cottonwood and sold them.


Eevon: Me and my sister was the only one that finished high school. My brother, my oldest brother, he had to, he quit school because he had to plow for Daddy. You know in the summertime it was farming time and he had to help plow or take care of the corn and beans and cotton and everything like that. Then we had to, me and my sister had to hoe it. She would beat me hoeing, but she didn’t hoe good. She left a lot of grass in her cotton. I told Daddy about it and Daddy says well she’s doing it good enough, she’s getting the biggest part of it out. Then I says but she gets it done and sits on the fence until I get up and then as soon as I get up she starts back and I don’t have time to sit on the fence. Oh well, Daddy says that’s alright. You don’t need to sit on the fence noway. But Ruth sits on the fence all the time. We had fun.

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