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Clem Gramza


Clem Gramza: And the kids would come up to the window and watch me fire those great big boilers. Cause you take a ton of coal, which is 2000 pounds of coal and you put in the sizes of boilers I fired and it was for building as big as this one or bigger that I had to heat. So the kids would always come up to the windows and watch me fire, and that’s how I got Kadiddlehopper.

Interviewer: What did you do to get that name?

Clem Gramza:What did I do? The kids gave it to me. I don’t know because I look like a Kadiddlehopper maybe.

Interviewer: What’s a Kadiddlehopper?

Clem Gramza: (laughs) I wonder why. No, at that time Red Skelton had a character like that on his show. He’d come on once a week.

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