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Introducing the Saving Libraries project!

The Saving Libraries project is the brain child of Carrie Gallahan, who was inspired by her grandmother, Irene Hostetler.

In December 2004, Carrie took a class at Indiana University Kokomo in which she completed an oral history research assignment. This class planted the seed for a thesis project for her Master’s degree. During Carrie’s thesis research she found this quote, attributed to an African Proverb: “Every time an old person dies, a library burns to the ground.”

Carrie’s then 91 year-old grandmother instantly came to mind. ‘Grammy’ has incredible mental acuity and is a treasure trove of family stories, anecdotes and history. Grammy was widowed at the age of 39 with six children, pregnant with her seventh. She raised her seven children with little more than faith and a positive attitude.

Carrie spent hours interviewing her grandmother. The project culminated with the use of oral history as the data collection tool coupled with the creative nonfiction writing genre to fulfill the requirements of the thesis, but more importantly, she had saved her grandmother’s library. The experience was empowering and satisfying, and left Carrie with a passion to save every old person’s library while at the same time creating an invaluable keepsake for loved ones to keep forever.

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